The ways of one’s mind

For school, I had to get an Edmodo account (go check it out, it’s a pretty cool teacher resource) and in my personal profile I had a section to explain how I like to learn. Visual, listening or hands-on

I looked around my room, saw the (annoyingly) napkins tapped to my walls, the pictures I’d taken of things that had inspired me and the words, the endless words written on my arm. I thought to myself, ‘You know what, I think I’m a visual.’

My year six teacher found that out one day.

We had to do a project every term about a set subject, every afternoon we’d fan out across the building and about five of us would be in our classroom.

I had a table to myself, a laptop in one corner, connected to headphones that were playing music, and many sheets of paper surrounding me. It was the plan that I would create an interactive and completely fictitious workshop about a news reporter sent back in time to investigate five different cyclones to better prepare the future for a massive cyclone that was about to wipe Australia off the map. I even had a badge.

There were scripts, mindless drawings of what the character I would portray would look like, how I was going to recreate the cyclone, where I was going to film it, who I’d had to get to help me film it.

I was so engrossed in my work (a habit of mine) that I didn’t notice my teacher walk up behind me, pull out a chair and start watching my work. She had witnessed the end product of my ramblings for a homework task but, as I found out later, thought it completely amazing how I worked. She ended up not moving for the remaining hour of our session.

Yeah, I can see now why I’m a visual. I hope you can too. Here’s evidence of my mad ramblings on my hands and arms.

I was trying to figure out the lyrics to a song that I had taken the beat from for my music cat. That’s my hand, by the way

WIN_20150602_121932 (2)


One A Day Keeps The Boredom Away

I had a hardrive clean out the other day and realized just how many funny pictures I had.

‘So,’ I thought, ‘why not post them and share a bit about my life in the process.’

Every day (I try so very hard) I post a funny picture that relates to my day (or my week, or my friends).

It’s your job to figure out what’s going on.

Bit of a brain workout. New Years Resolution, tick!

Day Two: Sleepy Time (Finally)


Tobias and Pudding have finally settled down.

Yesterday, I discovered Pudding’s obsession with milk. Trust me, it was creepy. I had a warm milk and she comes and sits of the sofa next to me. Staring at me. So, heavily sighing, I got my spoon and gave her a little bit of warm milk. When I had about an inch left, she decided she would finish it. I put it down to get a biscuit and when I came back, she had her head in it. She did the exact same thing with my mum’s.

Oh god.

This morning I had a bowl of Cheerio’s and after I had finished them and there was still some milk left in the bottom of my bowl, Pudding put her paw on the side of my bowl and pulled it AWAY from me and started lapping it up.

Oh dear.

Tobias has just put his paws on my should and stuck his nose in my ear. Eww *shudder*. This is going to be a long relationship.

Tobias Meet My Followers

Today we got Tobias, the brother in the brother sister duo. Yep, we now have two cats.

Tobias, say hello


He’s the more relaxed, cuddly kinda cat, whereas Pudding likes to run around. ALOT. And sink her claws into everything she see’s, including me. ALOT.

Tobias will most definitely be making a return…

Ideal Bookshelf Challenge

I was reading a book the other day, My Ideal Bookshelf. It got me wondering. What was my ideal bookshelf?

I haven’t read much in my life (being a teeny tiny teenager) so the collection of books isn’t big. Here it goes:

Books that changed your life

Jane Blonde Sensational Spylet, it sparked my addiction to spy novels.

Gallagher Girls I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You (I have mentioned this series before), it set me up to enjoy lighter romance for teens. A style I do kind of enjoy. Don’t tell anyone!

Books that changed your life

Max Remy Superspy, it made me the amateur writer that I am today

Max Remy The Final Curtain, it taught me it was okay to cry over a book

That dog-eared book, held lovingly together by sticky tape

Skulduggery Pleasant 4 Dark Days, it’s falling apart. It’s also got poetry written on every spare space

The book you recommended to a friend, who now loves it more than you do

Max Remy (again)

So, using that criteria, why don’t you tell me what you idea bookshelf would be?

Have fun 🙂

So, I just reblogged this

I just reblogged StyleCaster’s post on Mark Ruffalo’s 10 year-old daughter, Bella who wore a Tux.

Now I need to tell you a story.

A Dad and his son were in a shop, and the kid wanted a costume of Elsa’s dress from Frozen. The Dad was like ‘No, no, no. Not this one.’ My sister, who told me this story and who was there when it happened said he proceeded to usher him away from the dress. He was muttering ‘That one wont fit. Let’s find another.’

Coolest Kid Ever: Mark Ruffalo’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Wore a Tuxedo to the MTV Movie Awards

Good on ya Bella


mark ruffalo bella tuxedo mtv 2015 Coolest kid ever. (Photo: WENN)

Uh, where has Mark Ruffalo been hiding his 10-year-old daughter Bella, otherwise known as our new style icon? The actor walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday alongside the 10-year-old, and they were wearing—wait for it—matches tuxedos.

Before the event, the Oscar-nominated actor tweeted the below photo, which shows him and Bella, his middle child, looking like extras from “Men in Black” total bosses in their matching threads, shades, and casual black sneakers.

It’s pretty awesome to see parents allowing their kids to wear things that differ from what we might expect, and the fact that this 10-year-old girl rocked a suit instead of a dress just makes her that much more interesting. And it totally makes Mark Ruffalo the coolest. dad…

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It official, I’m done for!

Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch

Easter has arrived, and so has Benedict’s Chocolately goodness. So, I thought, I’ll just get some chocolate from the kitchen. NO! Mustn’t eat any chocolate, otherwise you’ll eat all of it. DAMN! This is going to be a very long Easter…

In other news, my friend sent me these pictures when I complained about not having any chocolate. HANG ON! HOLD YO HORSE! STOP THE FLIPPING TRAIN! I HAVE THE CHOCLATE IN MY SIGHTS! *gobble* *gobble* Okay, *deep breath* I’m good. I’ll be fine, no need for chocolate. Yeah, my friend sent me these pictures. I’m going to kill her.

Choclate 2  Chocolate 1imagesEGMIRZRX

Once You Bite The Head Off The Bunny, You’ve Gone Too Far

Oh god, I’m trying not to think about the bag of Hershey’s Miniature’s in my room that I bought and nobody knows about. MUST NOT EAT

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

Easter Rabbits

For someone like me who has a serious sugar addiction, major holidays mean major problems.  Some holidays aren’t so bad: St. Patrick’s Day is all about the booze, Fourth of July is all about the burgers, and Presidents Day is all about mattress sales. The big three for sugar junkies are Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

Here we go again.

When our kids were little, my Easter bunny process went like this:

  1. Buy supplies at least a week early so I don’t end up at the store the night before with empty shelves devoid of all but a few overpriced and/or inferior candy selections.
  2. Eat all the supplies.
  3. End up at the store the night before with empty shelves devoid of all but a few overpriced and/or inferior candy selections.
  4. Pin the checkout girl to an end-cap with my forearm across her throat screaming, “What do you MEAN you’re out of…

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It’s holidays and time to dust off my camera

This is it, holidays have finally arrived and there’s nothing I can do to stop them. For me, these joyous two weeks of freedom provide constant boredom and lack of communication to the outside world. Plus the fact that I never actually do anything and my other sisters are never home, my dad’s always at work so it’s up to my mum and me to pass these treacherous two weeks. That never goes well. For instance, on the rare occasion that my dad was home and my mum was out, I decided that playing Monopoly was the way to spend five hours of my time. The fact that by the end of the game he owned every street, every house,  every hotel, and I was drug dealing and smuggling just to get by seems a fitting description of how these holidays never seem to go to plan. So, a dusting of my camera seemed in order and Mickey seemed happy to let me take photo’s of him. When he wasn’t licking his balls, that is.


It appears that after about half an hour of him ignoring me, I finally managed to wear him out.