It’s holidays and time to dust off my camera

This is it, holidays have finally arrived and there’s nothing I can do to stop them. For me, these joyous two weeks of freedom provide constant boredom and lack of communication to the outside world. Plus the fact that I never actually do anything and my other sisters are never home, my dad’s always at work so it’s up to my mum and me to pass these treacherous two weeks. That never goes well. For instance, on the rare occasion that my dad was home and my mum was out, I decided that playing Monopoly was the way to spend five hours of my time. The fact that by the end of the game he owned every street, every house,  every hotel, and I was drug dealing and smuggling just to get by seems a fitting description of how these holidays never seem to go to plan. So, a dusting of my camera seemed in order and Mickey seemed happy to let me take photo’s of him. When he wasn’t licking his balls, that is.


It appears that after about half an hour of him ignoring me, I finally managed to wear him out.


Death Glares at Twenty Paces


So, my sister decided to return my camera today, after using it for a week.

Finally, I sat down on my bed and started to relax a bit. I fell asleep and woke up to this death glare from Mickey. Apparently, even though I sleep on it, Mickey lords supreme in the land of bed. Translation: Get off my bed, puny human, before I do something dirty in your shoe.

I swear I love him, I really do. Most of the time.

My camera is a: FinePix S6500fd

Yeah, coz y’all totally knew what that is

Another Picture of my cat, Mickey


And so I begin to show you some of the many photo’s of my fat, old, dementia ridden cat, Mickey. So bloody photogenic.

Love ya moggy!

He’s sleeping on my bed, as usual, with his paws under his chin and his head on one side. I took this about a week after I got my new camera, a *get’s up to retrieve camera* *realises sister has taken it*,  okay, scratch that. It looks really fancy, and my sister is currently using it for uni. Damn!

Silly sister!