Day Two: Sleepy Time (Finally)


Tobias and Pudding have finally settled down.

Yesterday, I discovered Pudding’s obsession with milk. Trust me, it was creepy. I had a warm milk and she comes and sits of the sofa next to me. Staring at me. So, heavily sighing, I got my spoon and gave her a little bit of warm milk. When I had about an inch left, she decided she would finish it. I put it down to get a biscuit and when I came back, she had her head in it. She did the exact same thing with my mum’s.

Oh god.

This morning I had a bowl of Cheerio’s and after I had finished them and there was still some milk left in the bottom of my bowl, Pudding put her paw on the side of my bowl and pulled it AWAY from me and started lapping it up.

Oh dear.

Tobias has just put his paws on my should and stuck his nose in my ear. Eww *shudder*. This is going to be a long relationship.


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