Recently, I’ve been growing bored

That sentence is one my friends almost never want to hear. It means something bad is going to happen. Usually when I’m bored I’ll drink Iced-Tea and decide on a different way of world domination. But this time I’ve began to wonder (another sure-fire way for world domination plans) about other books I can read. I’ve started this series called Gallagher Girls and I have nothing but streams of high praise for these books. They are amazing. I picked the first one up because of the catchy title ‘I’d Tell You I Love You, But The I’d Have To Kill You’. I thought it would be a nice low level romance, it was so much more. So, I stand before you offering nothing but a title and high praise. Get reading, and if there is ever a book you want me to read (I can read almost anything) tell me.

Also, any of you heard of fan fiction?

If you haven’t, google it and prepare to be amazed.

Search me up in the top right hand corner (be sure to change it to writer buy clicking on’ story’). My pen name is ‘The Skeleton In A Fez’


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